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White Rapper “Stitches” Drops N-Bomb, Calls Jeezy A Snitch, & Has Audience Do Blow On Stage

Question: Could “Stitches” be one of the best potential Halloween costumes this year?

Southern Florida white rapper “Stitches” went all out at a recent show in Lake Worth, FL. Not only did the caucasian rapper repeatedly use the n-word while speaking to the crowd but he also apparently let several members of the audience come up on stage to do some blow. Mix in a little “Young Jeezy Is A Snitch” slander in between songs and you have yourself great party if you’re a confused white kid from southern Florida who really, really likes cocaine. There’s not much more we can say about this performance video it’s something you just have to see for yourself.

All that beings said…wouldn’t “Stitches” be a funny Halloween costume!??!? We think so!